Earthly Treasures

Earthly Treasures, Corner 43 Decor has always believed in the beauty in the forms of nature. We feel that Nature itself develops perfectly if left to its own devices. This is the driving force behind our last two collections, the desire to emulate the harmonious and inspiring shapes of the Earth. Continuing onwards from Maritime Memoirs where drew inspiration from the sea, this collection Earthly Treasures comes from the mystical world of the forest and the delightful shapes found within. Starting from our natural rattan material, we wanted to add another element of nature and organic living into our pieces, thus we drew inspiration from the whimsical form of the mushroom. The charming nature of the mushroom gave rise to many forms that can be incorporated into living pieces as you will see in the various pieces in our Earthly Treasures collection. This collection also displays Jitrins signature design ethos, which is to combine simplify with a playful element. The pieces compliment one another nicely and can give a room a beautiful natural accent.