Minimalist Luxury

The Minimalist Luxury Collection harks back to the influence of Thai cultural references, yet with modern twist. The pieces are oversized with the deep comfortable chairs, chunky legs on console tables, all of which becoming a statement of luxury and excess. 
The reference to minimalism suggests the unfussy nature of the collection, with straight lines and shallow angles in its design. Our designers are through in creating furniture that is comfortable as well as beautifully designed. The detail in design, the craftsmanship and our belief in the beauty of tradition have produced a collection that we are very proud of

Vikrom Bar Stool
Price : THB 9700

Nuntaya Dining Chair
Price : THB 10100

Mink Stool (Long)
Price : THB 9000

Duangkamol Armchair
Price : THB 25900

Vipavee Armchair
Price : THB 23900

Yuvakaew L-Shape Sofa
Price : THB 77100

Yuvakaew Bed Set
Price : Single THB 38400 / Queen THB 49400 / King THB 52500

Waraporn Console
Price : THB 12600

Waraporn Coffee Table
Price : THB 11200

Vijitra Cupboard
Price : THB 8300