Slim Motion

The Slim Motion Collection is inspired by lean simplicity and soft curves in structures.
Modern life is already cluttered and complicated enough. The inspiration behind our Slim Motion collection is derived from forms that communicate ease, serenity, and progression.
The combination of these elegant shapes and traditional Thai craftsmanship results in uniquely distinctive furniture, which communicates warmth and style

Sodsri Dining Chair
Price : THB 12400

Sodsri Armchair
Price : THB 19900

Chayakom Dining Chair
Price : THB 11400

kanokpan L-Shape Sofa
Price : THB 89300

Mink Ottoman
Price : THB 17800

Sirisak Armchair
Price : THB 14600

Vijitra Cupboard
Price : THB 13200

Kanokpan Nest Console
Price : Small THB 12200 / Medium THB 13800 / Large THB 16200

Kanokpan Dining Table
Price : THB 23000

Natt wall Decoration
Price : THB 1300