About Company

Corner 43 Decor is a luxury furnishings and home accessories company established in 1987 with a mission to create well designed furniture items, using locally sourced materials as well as innovative new resources.
We are inspired by the tropical world, the new and the old, the harmonious fusion of the two.  The combination of textures colors and patterns to create pieces that invite you in.
We work with diverse designers so that we can offer them a platform to create and to innovate, combining progressive and classical designs.

Our strength has always been in the craft of weaving, originating with the once abundance cane that grew all over South-East Asia, this precious resource is not dwindling. We are constantly trying to find new sustainable sources with which we can continue to weave, as to preserve our heritage, but acclimatize to the changing tides of time.

" Exquisitely Crafted Rattan Furniture "

Designer Team

We are always seeking growth and innovation in our company, and have been fortunate to work with some of the regions brightest lights. See more


Corner 43 Decor has had been awarded some of our industries top accolades-including the Good Design Award from Japan, and Thailand’s DeMark Award several years and counting.