Corner 43 Decor x Precious Plastic

Introducing our Puzzle Collection – a stunning addition to your living space that flawlessly combines playful aesthetics with rustic charm. With our innovative approach, we have successfully breathed new life into discarded plastic waste, and we are proud to showcase how we are pushing boundaries to create a sustainable and vibrant future.

Our close collaboration with Precious Plastic Bangkok has been instrumental in our efforts to inspire global communities to recognize the value of plastic waste. Using plastic bottle lids collected and transformed into unique shapes and forms by Precious Plastic Bangkok, we have crafted a chair that is not only stylish but also environmentally responsible.

The name “Puzzle” is a testament to our experimental nature, as we embarked on an exciting journey to explore various approaches and find a perfect fit that brings a unique perspective to this design. Our goal was to create a chair that strikes a balance between eco-conscious design and comfort, resulting in a captivating statement piece that adds a distinctive touch to your living spaces.

Throughout this process, we have gained invaluable insights and refined our manufacturing techniques for future designs. Our ultimate aim is to raise awareness among our staff and communities about the significance of sustainability and inspire others to follow suit. Join us in our efforts to create a sustainable and vibrant future with our Puzzle Collection.