How we thrive for a sustainable future!

Since its establishment, Corner 43 Decor has been known as a lead producer of natural rattan furniture in Bangkok. Over decades, we’ve worked with skilled local artisans and continuously nurture Thai designers in the efforts to foster opportunities for our local community to better their quality of living.

As trends evolve, our attention has shifted towards living sustainably, emphasizing the growing recognition of the importance of sustainability in furniture design and details of the production process. Corner 43 Decor provides a comprehensive overview of the factors to consider when purchasing our eco-friendly furniture, along with an honest evaluation of how selecting our products can assist you in meeting those criteria.

Here’s our 5 keys elements we initiate for sustainable rattan furniture
1. Selecting Material
2. Chemical Control
3. Recycle Potential

Selecting Material

When selecting materials for production, we ensure that the wood or natural rattan are at the appropriate age and condition before proceeding with cutting and transformation into the production process. Additionally, we actively participate in a reforestation program. However, we acknowledge the challenge of the lengthy regrowth period. Therefore, as part of our design philosophy, all our pieces are intentionally designed to be renewable.

Chemical Control

We try to minimize the chemicals used in the production and as a by-product. Varnishes, lacquers & stains are minimally used and when possible we will use water-base as well as nano-seal technology.

Recycling Potential

We focus on using elements in a way that promotes reuse in the future. Rattan is an intrinsically sustainable material. As we saw, it’s far more sustainable than wood. Therefore, the environmental burden is already greatly reduced. Additionally, the craftsmanship, durability, and design of rattan furniture from Corner 43 Décor mean that the necessity of recycling is greatly reduced – you’ll be using it as it is for decades.