5 Tips to Refresh Your Old Dining Room Design

With a new year on the horizon, a period of reflection is upon us. Perhaps you no longer want your dining room design to be muted and beige. Maybe you are seeking something homier and a little less refined. At Corner43, we have some tips to help you revive your space and make you smile each time you walk past it.

Mismatched Seating – A Tried and True Trend

adventurous? Let go of the rules that say that chairs should match. Our very first tip for refreshing your dining room design is to embrace the charm of diversity. Go for chairs that are dissimilar. You can engage your creativity by mixing and matching between color and design like Nuntaya Dining Chair and Begonia Dining Chair. It will add an eclectic touch to your home. Forget a soulless, monotone dining space. Let your space be dynamic and interesting. Create a visual feast by combining different materials like wood, metal, or even upholstered seats in velvet material. Allow your personality to shine with the mismatched seating and create an environment that encourages curious and lively conversation. It would certainly make for memorable gatherings full of warmth.

Add Lighting in Your Dining Room Design

People fail to realize just how much lighting changes a room. A harsh overhead light could remind people of being in a busy hospital or dreary office space. This could affect how they enjoy or a meal, or even how much they want to be in the room. Thoughtfully-placed lighting, using pendant lamps or wall scones, can create a mood in your space. It can bring about an atmosphere in your dining room design that is soothing and relaxed. Having adjustable or dimmable lighting is a must for transforming your dining room. Though different levels of brightness, you can have a versatile space that caters to a range of situations. From casual family dinners to formal gatherings, your dining area will be ready for any occasion.

A Colorful Runner Changes the Game

If you aren’t ready to take the risk with mismatched chairs or are unsure if you want to invest in lighting, start small. Change something as simple as the table runner on your dining room table.  Sometimes a pop of color is just what is needed. A color table runner is inexpensive starting point. It is also a great way to express your individuality. Get a color that either complements your color scheme or stands out and makes a bold statement. A colorful table runner makes a great focal point. It will draw eyes where it matters most – to the table where all the food is! You can also choose a table runner with an eccentric pattern. It will set the tone for a lively dining experience filled with interest, making every meal feel special.

Using Plants for a Pop of Color in Your Dining Room Design

Another low commitment alternative to enlivening your dining room design is to add plants to the space. Whether it is flowers on the table or large potted plants in the corners, greenery adds a refreshing element to any space. Plants not only enhance the aesthetics of a room but also contribute to a healthier environment by improving its air quality. Make sure to choose low-maintenance varieties like snake plants to effortlessly integrate the beauty of nature into your dining area. It will take the responsibility of watering it frequently off your hands. If you want to eliminate watering plants all together, remember there is no shame in buying fake plants.

Art Pieces & Accessories Never Fail

Putting art up on your walls is one of the easiest ways to add personality to your dining room design. For a sophisticated touch, a large piece of statement artwork is a fantastic talking point such as a natural rattan wall decoration, Nautilus Wall Décor or a customized wall decoration made of the poly-robe. As an alternative, a curated gallery wall of your favorite memories is another way to get people conversing. Carefully chosen accessories such as decorative bowls, candles, or fanciful tableware are another great addition. To have things that people can look at and point to is key. It can enhance not only the overall aesthetic of the room but also the dining experience itself. They will create moments of conversation as you sit and share a meal.

Refreshing your dining room design doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be a fun and creative experience where you experiment with design elements that speak to you. By embracing mismatched seating, playing with lighting, colorful runners, plants, and carefully selecting art pieces and accessories, you can transform your dining space into a dynamic and inviting area that reflects your individual style and makes every dining experience one to remember.

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