Corner 43 Décor Collection That Won the DeMark Design Excellence Award

Since our establishment in 1987, Corner 43 has gained global recognition for its creativity and skillful craftsmanship. Among our cherished accolades, the DeMark Design Excellence Award holds a special place. We earned our first DeMark award in 2008, coinciding with when it was first established to give recognition to outstanding product design. It is presented annually by the Prime Minister with the support of Thailand Institute of Design and Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, and the Royal Thai Government. In this article, we proudly showcase the products that have earned Corner 43 the DeMark Design Excellence Award over the years.


Our Karen Easy Chair is the most recent winner of the DeMark Design Excellence Award. Its uniqueness extends to both its production processes and its intricate details. The designer took a smart approach to make production more efficient, cut costs, and make the chair more accessible. All of this comes together in a modern style that we call “New Nordic,” combining minimalist and Nordic design elements.
Designer: Mr. Lertrit Wongwiwatchai, Mr.Kanokpon Yokchoo


The Luna Dining Chair design concept begins with a focus on minimizing unnecessary materials. After studying how people use chairs, it was observed that the back of the chair becomes visible to the public when someone sits on it. This led to the creation of the “Lunar” concept, emphasizing simplicity and showcasing dedicated joint details from the back, sides, and front.
Designer: Mr. Lertrit Wongwiwatchai

The X-Tend Dining Chair draws inspiration from the chair designs of Michael Thonet from the Industrial Revolution. It won a DeMark award for its simplicity, allowing for efficient and effortless mass production. This Asian contemporary style chair can be customized with 10 different armrest and backrest designs.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


The launch of the Sputnik 1 Satellite in 1957 influenced the design of the Sputnik Chair. It can be seen in its frame shape and graphic patterns used to make the back. This design is a simple yet fascinating exploration of how various patterns and color combinations can evoke different sensations.
Designer: Salt and Pepper Design Studio


The Narra Pendant Lamp owes its design to natural patterns found in leaves, stone, and wood bark. The name “Narra” comes from the Pali word for “Radius”. It was crafted to mimic the swirly patterns found in nature, creating a flower-like shape with rattan.
Designer: Mr. Chalermpong Onyong


Beautiful and elegant, the Clara Pendant Lamp is a piece designed to highlight the beauty in contrasts. The opposing colors give it a modern touch, making it a perfect fit for a contemporary space.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


Born from the idea of functional simplicity, the Tori-i Dining Chair is designed not only to look attractive but also offer support, comfort, and well-balanced proportions. The essence of this piece is to seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. Adding a touch of patterns and color makes the chair stand out, especially when paired with a minimalist dining table.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha

Elegant yet edgy, the Bia Pendant Lamp won a DeMark award for its beauty in contrasts. Composed of expertly spiraled natural rattan, it is a beautiful and elegant addition to any home.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


The hand-sculpted rattan frame of the Grande Dame boasts Corner 43 Décor’s devotion to refined craftsmanship and design excellence. Inspired by femininity, the Dominique Armchair features soft curves and an inviting, charming embrace. The captivating visual effect is achieved by offsetting dark rattan with lighter tones, creating an intriguing and unique look.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha

This Beatrix Coffee Table is a fusion of two cultures – Thai and European. Its general shape is inspired by the Thai ‘kraboong’, which is a traditional woven basket with deep roots in Thai culture. The table’s frame is inspired by European designs of the early 18th century. This blend highlights the allure and aesthetic appeal of cross-cultural designs. In a world shaped by globalization and diverse heritages, the Beatrix Coffee Table serves as a representation of this phenomenon in furniture and decor.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha

The design of the Marcus Lounge Chair is a harmonious culmination of masculinity and femininity. Its bold lines are clean and sturdy, however the high back and the dainty legs show it is as graceful as it is strong. This is a contemporary piece that boasts delicate but powerful design, proving that such opposite characteristics can be gracefully accommodated in one chair.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


Part of our Blooming Theory collection, the Poppy Chair is a whimsical accent piece. Each chair is designed to look like a petal of a flower. It allows end-users to explore their creative side to add their input into the final aesthetics of this fun and functional piece.
Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha

Designed to look like a flower in bloom, the Trumpet Pendant Lamp simulates the feeling of being under a canopy of flowers. Our skillful artisans expertly mold our premium rattan into soft and delicate shapes that mimic the effortless beauty of nature. It is a whimsical decoration choice, perfect to add character to any home.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


The CREMINI Stool-Lamp is inspired by the adorable button-shape of the Cremini mushroom. The stool functions as a piece of furniture, a mood lamp, and piece of art. Its lamp aspect offers a gentle glow, displaying its multi-faceted design. Comfortable to sit on, the entire stool is hand-woven and sculpted using the finest rattan from the rain forests of Borneo in Indonesia.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha


The Anchalee Chair set draws inspiration from the indigenous furniture of rural Thai villages, specifically the seat-bed known as ‘tang‘ or ‘khae‘ along with the ‘khit‘ pillow traditionally placed on the seat. Its design transforms the ordinary appearance of traditional cane furniture into something more captivating and contemporary. Though simple, it offers a modern aesthetic that can adapt to various interior designs.
Designer: Mr. Jitrin Jintaprecha

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