Top 2 Outdoor Furniture Choices for A Beautiful Garden Set-Up

Refreshing your garden with new outdoor furniture can feel like a big challenge. Finding the right pieces means they have to be versatile, durable, and well-crafted. At Corner 43 Décor, we take care of all of those concerns. Our outdoor furniture isn’t just about looks; it’s about making sure it lasts and is made with skill and care. Handcrafted by local talent, our pieces showcase the amazing expertise that shines within our local community. So, allow us to help make your beautiful garden shine with the same brightness with pieces from our varied collection.

Surf Dining Table

Our Surf Dining Table (Round) would be a stunning addition to your outdoor furniture. Crafted with meticulous detail, this table features poly-rope intricately woven into robust aluminum frames, creating a captivating weave. Despite its vintage charm, this piece of outdoor furniture is surprisingly versatile, making it an ideal fit for your beautiful garden or your poolside areas. It effortlessly complements any aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both form and function in their outdoor furniture.

Surf Dining Armchair

The Surf Dining Armchair perfectly complements our Surf Dining Table. Its frame is made with sturdy aluminum in matte black and it is finished with expertly woven poly rope. Durable yet stylish, it is a seamless blend of form and function, perfect for warm days in the open air. Both comfortable and chic, there is no denying that the Surf Dining Armchair is a great piece of outdoor furniture to elevate the aesthetic of your beautiful garden or any outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture - Tie

Tie Easy Chair

With its beautiful natural look, the Tie Easy Chair (High Back) effortlessly marries the allure of natural materials with a sophisticated design, promising to be a captivating addition to your collection of outdoor furniture. It was created by THINKK Studio as a part of our 2023 Tie Collection, meant for both indoor and outdoor settings. The distinctive rope finishing on this chair not only enhances its texture but also adds a unique quality that catches the eye, easily making it a striking focal point in any garden setting. Its aluminum structure is also lightweight, making it easy to lift and carry for relocation no matter where you want to put it in your beautiful garden.

Tie Side Table

The Tie Side Table stands as a testament to the versatility of our Tie Collection. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and contemporary design, making it a perfect fit as outdoor furniture or a piece for indoor spaces. Designed by the brilliant minds at THINKK Studio, it features a solid wood top, cut in a perfect circle, set over an aluminum frame that is fortified by a poly rope weaving. All components come together to create a piece that is full of texture and aesthetic prowess, transforming it into a visually striking element that effortlessly catches the eye. Whether you have it in an indoor living room or set outside as an addition to your beautiful garden, the Tie

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Explore our Tie and Surf collections and bring a touch of local artistry into your living spaces. Made with local materials and skillfully crafted by native talents, our outdoor furniture captures the essence of community and craftsmanship. Every piece tells a story of dedication and expertise – a desire to create lasting pieces that transform both indoor and outdoor spaces into havens of comfort and style.

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