Nordic Living Room Decor with Award-Winning Karen Collection

Nordic style living rooms are indicative of a neutral color scheme and minimalist décor. This style of interior design encourages simplicity in aesthetics. If you’re interested in transforming your living room décor in the Nordic style, we recommend our Karen collection. One of its pieces is the most recent winner of the DeMark Design Excellence Award. Presented annually by the Prime Minister, this award gives recognition to outstanding product design in Thailand, to encourage the creation and development of domestic creations.

Karen Easy Chair

Winner of the 2023 DeMark Design Excellence Award, our Karen Easy Chair is the definition of beautiful simplicity. Designed by Mr. Lertrit Wongwiwatchai and Mr.Kanokpon Yokchoo, it is crafted with solid wood and finished with 12mm poly rope. Take delight in its smooth finish and expertly weaved poly rope back. The brilliant designers wanted to highlight a smart approach to its creation, calling it a ‘New Nordic’ style. With this process, it would make production more efficient, lower costs, and allow the chair to be more easily accessible. In shades of wood and beige, it falls perfectly into the neutral color scheme of Nordic living room décor.

Karen Sofa

With Nordic living room décor booming in popularity, more pieces were created in this design. The Karen Sofa is meant to compliment the Karen Easy Chair. It features a solid natural wood frame and finished with hand-weaved poly rope. Like the Easy Chair, it was crafted in Corner 43 Décor’s New Nordic style. This modern approach ensures that a piece is easy to produce at an affordable cost. Made using natural materials, it is both minimal and comfortable – an ideal addition to any space with a Nordic aesthetic.

Karen Side Table

Crafted with passion, the Karen Side Table is a beloved piece from our Karen collection. The table reflects the brand’s commitment to combining form and function, producing pieces that not only serve a purpose but also elevate the visual appeal of their surroundings. Durable poly-rope is skillfully weaved on the sides of its surface to ensure a strong and balanced tabletop, creating a blend of durability and aesthetic finesse. The Karen Side Table stands not just as a functional piece but as an embodiment of Corner 43’s innovative design, offering a contemporary touch to any space it graces.

Karen Ottoman

The Karen Ottoman is one of the most charming pieces from our Karen Collection. It stands out with its comfortable cushioned top, crafted from durable materials that seamlessly combine solid wood and poly-rope weaving on its sides. The Karen Ottoman isn’t just a footrest; it’s a smart design blending tradition with a modern touch. Like all pieces from this collection, it was produced in their New Nordic approach, highlighting the materials that go into its creation while aiming to make it more affordable and contemporary.

Indulge in Our Karen Collection

These pieces come together to form the perfect furniture set for a living room with a Nordic design. Fashioned from natural materials and adorned in neutral colors, they encourage a sense of calm, promoting relaxation and tranquility in any space. This collection stands as a tribute to the skill and artistry of our local talent, showcasing their take on contemporary trends like the Nordic style while playing to the strengths of our homegrown materials.

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